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[section title=”Web design”]

Basic page design concepts and tools; attendees will be able to design a basic web page, and upload to a free server (assuming net access is available)

[section title=”PHP”]

Add intelligent behavior to a web site.

[section title=”MySQL”]

Attendees will be able to correctly build a database, and use it to store and/or retrieve information on a web site using PHP

[section title=”PCB design”]

Use PCB CAD software to design a PCB from a given circuit schematic, using the arduino as an example; potential pitfalls from both functional and manufacturing viewpoints.

[section title=”PCB assembly”]

Design for manufacture (ensuring the board can be produced as expected, and understanding why this is important); assemble a PCB (using an arduino as an example) covering surface mount components

[section title=”Micro-controller development”]

Learn the basics of embedded systems development using the Arduino / Atmel ATmega328p / ATtiny85 (to be decided). Covers tools, hardware, and programming for embedded platforms. This course does not aim to teach C, but it provides enough information to have a solid starting point.