Staff development

The Nigerian Turkish Nile University NTNU highly values its staff and knows they are central to all of its endeavors. The University believes that assisting the development of each individual ultimately enhances its performance and status as a quality employer.
All University staff have a right and responsibility to continuously improve the capabilities required for their current roles, and to consider development required for possible future roles at higher levels or in another organizational units. While staff members should proactively develop their capabilities, staff development is a shared responsibility. Heads of organizational units and supervisors have key responsibilities in supporting staff to identify their skills and development needs aligned to NTNU’s strategic priorities through regular feedback and in encouraging them to take up development opportunities.
The University encourages staff to develop their capabilities through a broad range of activities. The University Staff Development Committee encourages a culture of continuous learning and performance improvement and strongly encourages staff to fully participate in their own development by taking advantage of the courses offered in the University Staff Development Program. The Committee wishes all staff the very best in discovering their potential and achieving their career goals.