EASA ATPL Pilot Training and Boeing / Airbus Type Rating Program in USA
The aviation industry is booming and aviation employees are needed! If you have a passion to travel and work in an exciting career field; aviation is definitely for you.
The commercial aviation industry will require 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years to accommodate the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, according to a crew assessment forecast from Boeing. On the yearly basis. Airlines will be needing an average of 23,300 new pilots and 30,000 new maintenance personnel per year from 2010 to 2029.“As Nile University, Our aim is to arrange the training assets and engage the future generation of people living in NIGERIA, who will fly and maintain the more than 30,000 airline planes that will be delivered by 2029. The regional sharing will be like that: Europe will need 94,800 new pilots and 122,000 of maintenance personnel; Africa and the Middle East will need 32,700 new pilots and 44,500 maintenance personnel. But; the largest growth in both pilots and maintenance workers will be countries in AsiaPacific—180,600 and 220,000 respectively. In Asia, China will experience the greatest need for pilots and maintenance personnel – 70,600 and 96,400 respectively.
Provided in cooperation with Pro Active Aviation HATICE LCC and Nigerian Turkish Nile University (NTNU), Commercial Pilot Training program aims to train the promising Airbus and Boeing pilots with EASA-ATPL certification, which is approved by ICAO, FAA and EASA.
Having been entitled the certificate upon completion of the basic on line ground and English training that will be lasting 2 weeks and initial flight training to be given in Florida, Following the first step of training, Pilot Candidates will be joining the flight training not only in the USA- FAA, also in Turkey/Greece/Malta to concert their license to EASA. Soon after whole training, All trainees will have high job prospects globally as they have good command of English (ICAO Level 6), License of EASA ATP (A), with flight experience 250 Flight Hours.
Those who want to be awarded the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) need to complete a training program involving two stages:
a. In the first stage, those trainees who successfully complete flight and ground training including PPL (Private Pilot License), IR (Instrument Ratings), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), PIC (Pilot In Command), ME (Multi Engine Flight) Flight Stages and face to face briefings, pre/post flight briefings, International Environment etc..) and 250 flight hours of flight training are awarded the ATPL (Airline Transportation Pilot License). Unlike PPL, ATPL enables pilots to get paid for operating a plane.
b. In the second stage, called Type Rating, soon after getting the EASA ATPL License, trainees are taught to operate Boeing 737-800 NG or Airbus 320 NEO aircrafts depending on their choice and awarded ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) after successfully completing 80 hours of ground training and 62 hours of flight training.
The certificate enables fresh pilots to operate airline passenger planes.
Total period of the USA Flight Training will be lasting more than 42 weeks, including 5 stages as aforementioned above. Upon completion of the first stage training in, trainees receive either the Boeing or Airbus Type Rating Training in accordance to their wish, which includes 80 hours of ground training and 62 hours of flight training, on their demand, with the additional training of 7 weeks.
The training coordinator, Mr. Umit OZTURK living in USA, Florida, is going to determine which program the trainee will join by taking in to the trainee’s demands, English Proficiency and skills into account.

Please See The Below Steps For Further Details:


Course Entry Requirements

Be over 18 years old.

  • Minimum high school degree.
  • Hold a Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by the GCA (Local Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
  • Have a minimum score of in English Proficiency Test (over 70), which is given by our institution.
  • If necessary, perform the online Aviation Training Program including 35 hours, which measures

English Proficiency and Basic Aviation Ground Lessons,
Main Requirements For Beginning of the Course:
At least two student pilots must come together and apply the related University Aviation Training program. Then they will make a class and the training will be started in USA.


Important Notes:

  • Following the On Line/Face to Face Application to our University liasion officer, Language

Proficiency Test (LPT) will be held the day after. According to the result of the LPT, America VISA Procedures will be performed. (The candidates taking the grades over 80 from LPT will be applying the Medical Check.

Note: If applicant fail in passing the LPT performed by Univercity Administration, There are two options to get applicant ready. First Option is the On Line Aviation Training Course, consisting of Aviation English (Online Communication Course) and the Private Pilot Training (Online Ground School for

Private) during the two weeks duration. It s crucial important that local Liasion Officer and America Program Coordinator (Turkey-USA) may monitor the result of the examinations and the scores, positive development process. Second Option is the Preperation Courses in Malta, including General English, TOEFL and Aviation Lessons. Related to the which option needs to be applied University Administration and Program Coordinator will decide together. Both options are subject to a surcharge.

  • Positive result of both Medical Check and Language Proficiency test are the necessary procedures to start up the USA M1 VISA Process.
  • After both processes, Prepayment of the total course fee will be paying to University Liasion Officer.

During the above processes

  • Please deliver the soft version of the biometric passport pfoto to the liasion officer.
  • Simultaneously, America Florida Orlando Ticket Reservation process will be launched. Related to the arrival and departure tickets in Orlando may plan 1-2-3 days before Florida Preperation and familirization Training Course and The date of the return flight to the initial date shall be calculated by adding 11 months. (In this period, America Flight Training Program Coordinator will get in touch with you.)
  • Following the Prepayment to the University Administration, Acceptance letter named as I20 paper will be received to the mailing adress as hardcopy (original document) from Flight School in America and
  • Upon getting acceptance letter (I20), On line M1 VISA application will be performed to the the nearets American Consulate by the coordination of local liasion officer . (For On Line VISA Application, Credit card together with you is required to carry out the payment .)
  • Following the positive result of both Medical Check and Language Proficiency test, I20 Interview will be held by American Project Coordinator and Flight Training School International Representative, lasting 10 min. over Skype or the other well-known online connections.. The purpose of this test to help determine the abilities of listening, speaking and undestanding.
  • After the positive result of interview.. All the ways go to FLORIDA, EASA ATPL Pilot Licence, Boeing and Airbus Type Ratings..
  • Upon arriving at Florida ‘America Florida Pre-Training Course” will be starting that will be lasting about two weeks. This training coordinated by ProActive Aviation is to be performed in English, Ground courses, actual flight and simulation training. This training will completely prepare you to help further education and training aimed at facilitating the next step training conducted by Flight Training School.
  • During the “America Florida Course Pre-Training” phase, The mandatory below administrative steps need to be completed. Such as, FAA Medica check, TSA Acceptance, Fingerprints, On Line subscriptions, supply of IPAD and headphones.

Related to the Flight Training Centers in Florida, University Administration and Proactive Aviation LLC has the right for the Flight Training Schools in terms of distance, control, planning and execution of the Program taking in to the consideration of FAA/EASA regulations and student interest.

Who s the Flight Training Coordinator in FLORIDA?