Connecting academics and industry

Center of Lifelong Learning (CELL) offers an important and effective consultancy service which enables the University to share its knowledge with government, industry and the public sector, and make a direct impact on society.
Our goal is to make the process of consultancy easier for academics and for the organizations in need of their expertise. Our service covers the administrative issues associated with consultancy projects, including negotiation of contract terms and conditions, invoicing, debt collection, income distribution and the arrangements for use of University facilities.
While we work primarily with researchers who have already been contacted by potential consultancy clients, we are happy to use our networks and experience to help organizations find a consultant.

Consultancy areas

• Engineering: including Architecture and Built Environment, Chemical and Environmental, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, and Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing
• Science: including Bio-sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Psychology
• Medicine: including Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine and Science
• Social Sciences: including Business, Education, Law and Politics
• Arts: including Modern Languages and Philosophy

Consultancy services

Organizing Trade fair (Regulation)
• Technical and creative expertise and solutions to industrial problems
• Technical and creative solutions to specific business problems
• Acting as an expert witness
• Literature review
• Provision of expert analysis, interpretation and reports
• Feasibility studies including on R&D projects
• Briefings on technical or policy development
• External courses and workshops
• Serving on professional and government committees
• Reviews of government strategy and policies
• Provision of expert reports on technical, economic and commercial issues
• Serving on scientific advisory boards
• Consulting on collaborative and contract research projects
• Testing and analysis work combined with expert interpretation
• Development of bespoke training programs
• Managed access to University technical facilities
• Provision of advice for and appearance in film and TV documentaries