Professional Education and Training

Course Proposal Guidelines

Thank you for considering a course proposal with Nigerian Turkish Nile University Center of Lifelong Learning (CELL)! We are always looking for new course/ workshop topics and welcome your ideas. Following are some tips to consider when completing the Course Proposal Form.

Creating a course for Professional Education allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility. Programs are offered on a broad range of topics and formats to suit the varied needs of adult learners. As most CELL students are adult learners who are registering in courses for their own personal or professional interest, they are generally very motivated and fun to teach.

There is no specific format or length for a professional education program: some may be on a weekend, while others can span weeks or even months. Courses may be offered evenings, weekends or the occasional weekday (as space allows). It is up to you to propose, from your experience, what would be the most suitable length and times for your course.

What Kinds of Courses Does CELL Offer?

CELL provides a range of general interest, professional upgrading, industry certification, and vocational programs. For a list of current programs, visit the University website at
What Would My Proposal Be Reviewed for?

The CELL Department differs from the academic or trades divisions of the University as all costs associated with a CELL program are the department’s responsibility. This means that in addition to instructor pay and any other typical costs related to a course (texts, equipment, and supplies), we also have to cover our administrative costs: the staff time and any expenses incurred for developing, marketing and maintaining a program.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of costs behind getting a program to the point where we are ready to offer it. Therefore, we need to see that significant thought has been put into the program content and whether or not there could be a reasonable demand for it in the community.

In reviewing course proposals, we look for:

• Potential market demand
• Uniqueness vs. availability of similar courses in the community
• Relevance of content to the community
• A clear overview of what the course entails
• Fit with other related courses we are offering
• Appropriateness of duration and timelines in regards to program content
• Instructor qualifications and teaching experience
• Ability to charge a reasonable tuition, once all is considered

What Types of Classrooms and Equipment are Available to Me?

We have a variety of classroom sizes and set ups available. All of our classrooms have whiteboards and overhead projectors/computers. We may be able to provide access to specialized equipment, depending on the course (for example, plumbing studio, kitchen) – therefore, you would need to let us know what you need. You should be specific about equipment and supplies you need for the class, as well as supplies that students will need to buy/bring for themselves. You should also identify if you have special equipment for your course that you can bring/provide. Pricing for both classroom and student supplies should be included in your proposal to the best of your knowledge so that we can better estimate the course cost and pricing.

When is the Deadline for Submitting a Course Proposal?

The best bet for a course to run is to have it advertised in our Learner’s Guide (course catalogue) which covers twice a year. You will need to submit your proposal by August 1st in order for it to get into the Learner’s Guide. We will also take additional course proposals by the end of December.

How are Courses Advertised?

The Learner’s Guide is one of our main advertising tools, but we also have the CELL webpage and we run a bi-semester advert in the local papers. For certain courses, we may also create specific ads, flyers or brochures or find websites or other online ways to advertise. We also rely on the instructor’s help in spreading the word through their connections.

What do I Need to Submit?

• The attached Course Proposal Form OR a program/course outline that includes the information in the form.
• Your resume or a brief biography that clearly outlines your qualifications for teaching the proposed course/program, including your experience/training in the subject area and in teaching,
• 2 professional references specific to adult instruction

How do I Submit the Proposal?

Download and fill the Cell Course Proposal Form,to submit by email, please contact us at
[button icon=arrowthick-1-s link=] Download  [/button]

What Happens Next?

Your Course Proposal will be reviewed by the CELL team of Training Officers and one will respond to you by email, typically within two weeks. We will let you know if the course is not of interest to the department at this time, or we may ask further questions. If your course is considered for inclusion in our offerings, a Training Officer will work closely with you to fine tune your proposal and come up with the best plan to move the course forward.