Nigerian Turkish Nile University (NTNU) which was established five (5) years ago has been expanding and receiving a growing attention from the general public. The Nile University now has Five (5) Faculties and Nineteen (19) Departments.
The programs offered at Nile University have been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the third sets of students of the University graduated on 23rd June 2015.
The Nigerian Turkish Nile University visualizes itself as becoming a vanguard University that will gain the respect of the world through academic excellence by providing the highest quality University education for students from around the globe. Our aim as an Institution is to produce graduates that are sensitive, tolerant, inventive, confident and enterprisingly ready to face the problems of Nigeria, Africa and the World. We are pleased to inform you that the Postgraduate School (PGS) and Faculty of Law of the Nigerian Turkish Nile University has commenced operation while the College of Medicine awaits the final inspection for approval to be given for their take-off at Nile University.
And also the university establish a new programme in the name of Center of Lifelong Learning CELL. To provide students a safe training environment with world class facilities and tutors that are wholly qualified in their fields. Making vocational and technical education training appealing to young adults, women.